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Workstation Assessments by Workers and Workstations

All businesses in the United Kingdom must comply with the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) regulations 1992. This means that your workers must be properly trained and assessed, with information recorded on an up-to-date written risk assessment.

Workstation Assessments – Our Expertise

At Workers and Workstations we have the expertise in health and safety assessments that your business needs. Our team will help your business select from services such as workstation assessments, full risk audits, employee health risk management and environmental health monitoring.

With our various options for workplace assessments and desk assessments tailored to your individual needs you can be sure to get the best service level and advice in the industry.

Our DSE on-site workplace assessments are suitable for small to medium-sized offices. For larger offices, we can also offer online DSE assessments that automate this process.

What is a Workstation Assessment?

A workstation assessment is performed to uncover any weakness at a workstation or desk. For the DSE onsite assessment, Workers and Workstations guarantees at least 3 hours on-site with a minimum of 30 minutes spent per worker.

We analyse all areas of DSE compliance by following a comprehensive equipment suitability checklist. With our task analysis, we can cover all DSE-related working duties and actions.

Worker posture analysis is another important aspect that is part of our service.

With our DSE workstation assessment, we are also looking at various local, environmental factors such as lighting or temperature.

If your company has a large number of workers, you could perhaps consider our online DSE workstation assessments.

For the online workstation assessment, users can log on via our website and complete a training video. As your workers are answering questions, they can learn and make adjustments as they progress. Any issues are being recorded automatically. Features such as automatic reminders ensure your users complete the assessment.

We understand that good communication plays an important role with every workplace assessment. After each analysis, we provide helpful feedback, advice and recommendations to you and your workers. In the same way, we like to hear what you have to say. Workers and Workstations will always listen to your input, concerns and suggestions.

Why are Workstation Assessments Important?

First and foremost, any employer in the UK must comply with the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992. In other words, you are obligated by law to protect your employees from any risks associated with Display Screen Equipment such as computers, display screens or laptops.

Workers that use this type of equipment on a daily basis face an increased risk to encounter health issues that can range from fatigue and eyestrain to limb problems and backaches.

More often than not, the cause for those health problems can be from poorly designed workstations and workspaces. As a result of these work-related health problems, the necessary medical care and the treatment of workers costs British businesses and insurers millions of pounds each year. This does not even take into account the often significant financial losses due to lower productivity and employee sick days.

Homeworker Workstation Assessments

In the same way that office workers throughout the United Kingdom can face various health risks, the same is true for those who are working at home. This makes homeworker workstation assessments equally important, especially at a time when more and more people are working from home.

Even if working from home, businesses are obligated to regularly assess the risks of their employees if they are working with Display Screen Equipment as part of their job.

The hazards of working with Display Screen Equipment are essentially the same for those at home as they are for workers at commercial premises and so are the requirements that make a safe and compliant workplace.

For example, every worker must have a suitable workstation and an adjustable chair. In situations where employees are working with a laptop there must be a way to connect it to a separate monitor and keyboard for better ergonomics. In addition to DSE compliance there can be other requirements such as regular tests and maintenance of electrical equipment including printers or desktop systems.

Full Risk Audit

In some cases, businesses may require a complete update of their health and safety assessments and procedures. This Full Risk Audit firstly requires the business’ health and safety management to be reviewed. This can then provide an understanding of the areas that need to be analysed.

Based on those findings and analysis we can then make recommendations on areas that need improvement. We recommend a full risk audit for all those companies who are looking to conform to compliance within their specific environment and activities.

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No matter whether you require individual DSE workstation assessments, homeworker workstation assessments for your employees at home or a full risk audit for your company, Workers and Workstations can provide you the right health and safety assessments.

To discuss your requirements please get in touch with us today. We’ll be happy to assist you.